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ESEM 2015: Paper will discuss the current state of replications in Software Engineering

Next week two PhD students of HASE Research Group will participate of the 9th International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement that will be held in Beijing, China.

Our group has an accepted paper at the Conference and the presentation will discuss the current state of the replication work of empirical studies performed in software engineering research. These study is an update and an extention of the results produced in a previous mapping study published in 2011.

The paper will be presented during the first day of presentations in the session “Community Building & Infrastructure” and a preprint of the work is available to download on the ESEM program.


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The list of publications was updated with the most recent articles produced by the HASE research group. Check them at

New Articles in the Publication List

We updated the list of publications with the most recent journal articles produced by the HASE group. Check them at

Seminar at BYU – 2012-01-19

The seminar I delivered at BYU on January 19th, 2012, can be seen at here. I summarize most of the results the HASE group produced over the past 6 years, and try to organize them in a coherent form.


Fabio Silva, Toronto, January, 2012.